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For Your Halloween Entertainment - Ghosts from Chinese Folklore Pt.1 

縊鬼 (Diaosi Gui) is a ghost who committed suicide by hanging himself. He has long hair along with a long tongue collecting negative energy from humans. By acquiring energy, he persuades unfortunate souls to hang themselves.

拘魂鬼 (Ju Hoon) has the names of all the people who are about to die. He transforms into ordinary people and pretend to be either someone’s relative, friend, or family member. Once he is inside the room, he would transform again into a passed family member of the dying person and keep calling that person’s name while saying, “…. I’m here to take you away.”

产鬼 (Lady Channan) A woman who died because of obstructed labour. The strong negative energy (grievance) from her well-being formed this ghost. She’s jealous of those who can have babies and seeks for a woman to replace her. After she takes the life of a pregnant woman, she would feel extremely pleased as her grievance disappears and be reincarnated (The Saṃsāra in Buddhism and Taoism). It is said that she’s afraid of oil-paper umbrellas (the Chinese umbrella… or any type of umbrella. I don’t know). 

五奇鬼 (Five Odds) Only known in the middle of Zhejiang province. They look like five huge worms. Only one of them has one eye, the other four have to follow it all the time. They like to sneak in someone’s bedroom and breath in human energy one by one when someone’s sleeping. After the five are all done, the person would be dead.

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